Why choose?

ERCONTEC Cable Technologies


Our quality policy

ERCONTEC, which manufactures at world standards and certifies them, is based on "continuous development" and "customer focus" in line with its own goals and strategies in order to provide superior service.


Customer happiness​

ERCONTEC conducts periodic research to measure and evaluate customer perception by examining suggestions, complaints and requests from its customers as soon as possible and providing feedback.



ERCONTEC attaches great importance to sustainability for future generations and ecological balance. It aimed to manage resource consumption and environmental damage in the most optimal way during the entire production and transfer process.

Who are we

Our first goal in this way, which we started with national feelings after our experiences in the field, is to support the development of the country and increase our national income. We carried out our work in the field for many years with serious efforts and provided expertise by kneading in our field. Now it's time to get into the kitchen. In production, our aim is to expand our customer portfolio by gaining customer satisfaction with strong projects and accurate planning. Our first priority is to use as many domestic materials as possible when putting the product on the line and to make sure that the materials used in the process from the supply of raw materials to the packaging and sale of the product are domestic and national products. In this way, we will have the chance to offer highly efficient products to the customer at reasonable prices. Our priority is to provide products to the domestic market, and we aim to increase our export share by opening up to the foreign market once we are able to supply the domestic market. In order to provide our best in production for a developing, growing and strong Turkey, we have started our activities in our production area in Erzincan.

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